The Ring came later on in the © Barbara Heath Range Sunday, Jun 29 2003 

Baroque Lattice Ring with Diamonds © Barbara Heath Saturday, Jun 28 2003 

Solstice Fire This Year – Roll Call Wednesday, Jun 25 2003 

Stainless Steel Prototype for Architect’s Sign-off Monday, Jun 23 2003 

Angus’ Brooch © Barbara Heath Wednesday, Jun 18 2003 

This brooch has a wonderful story, it’s told in one of the four essays in the exhibition catalogue – Barbara Heath Jeweller to the Lost.

Barbara (and mal E) visit Darwin on an Australia Council regional tour. Tuesday, Jun 17 2003 

Barbara spent 3 years on the board of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council as the Queensland representative. One regional trip to the Northern Territory I managed to tag along, I bought my own fare and we had a total ball. We missed a trip to the Tiwi Islands but managed a gamelan orchestra, a visit to virtually every art gallery including the NT Museum & the one we targeted the most – 24 Hour Art.Malcolm’s old friend Dr Margaret West saw us for lunch and we took in the various departments including the blow-in ships & junks and we shot the Indonesian fabrics presented here. The long .pdf is available for download at the viewer site:

Brisbane Magistrate’s Court – Door Handle & Lift Plate Commission Saturday, Jun 14 2003 

These are first elements we published about this commission. We conspired with the Public Art Agency, with Jay Younger as curator, architects Cox Rayner in association with AB+M, Walter Constructions and numerous local artists to make a real ‘down home’ statement – sort of like art for the everyman.Our visual theme was based around the breezeway lattice, seen above doors in Queensland colonial architecture, continuing Barbara’s exploration of the “mashrabia” and the “lattice verandah” separators between public and private space. This dove-tailed perfectly into the commissioned tasks we were set to examine and produce – the pull & push courtroom handles and the lift plates for each floor of this public building. More will appear in the blog as we progress this disclosure . . .

Chenier Ring Range © Barbara Heath Saturday, Jun 14 2003 

Gem Cluster Earrings & Rings for Bh Retailers Thursday, Jun 12 2003 

Internet Commission for Ilana Elisha © Barbara Heath Thursday, Jun 12 2003 

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