Three more Pears Soap advertising pieces in the Urban Archaeology collection Friday, Nov 28 2008 

Objects with text – 3 maintaining the soap theme. I managed to purchase this tinplate advert from a dealer I worked for while still a teenager – Mr Harcourt Howard of Denham Street, Clayfield in Brisbane. I probably couldn’t have afforded it at the time if it had been complete, someone had cut it down to fit a small frame. The arrow at the left hand base points to the P and part of the E in the PEARS soap bar, added later on after ownership changes and marketing use. The arrows at the top point to the single bubble giving a hint to the later name by which we know the piece today . . . the litho printed tinback called “Bubbles” was used by A & F Pears once they purchased the original entitled “A child’s world” by Sir John Everett Millais. The bubble pipe and the small glass soap below, both ephemeral and official Pears give-aways are highly prized and delightful inseparables. I hope you enjoy them!

This post puts me well-and-truly on the soap box Friday, Nov 28 2008 

Objects with text – 2, maintaining the soap theme. I once purchased around 20 bound, six monthly volumes of the London Illustrated News from a grand colonial house in East Brisbane in the early 1960s. (UPDATE: Another point of interest – the 598 Vulture Street house is now owned by an old SSB client and a mate by the name of Jon Le Court). I was told the owners’ decendents once owned all the river front land from where the Story bridge is now right along to Norman Creek. They grew sugar cane along the flood plain and the original house was positioned high on the ridge commanding a view to the city. I pulled so many original real estate posters from between those pages, this demonstrative advert for Pears Soap was another hidden treasure I have not been able to part with. (As an ex-advertising man I have always cherished working with products that actually deliver on their promise).

Pears Precipitated Fuller’s Earth, helping to keep your white baby – whiter! Friday, Nov 28 2008 

Objects with text – 1, so folks, if the black baby to white baby demonstration adverts (in the previous post) didn’t do the trick – the Pears marketing department soon created another white-wash for their product line. Some of the label is missing unfortunately. Incidentally, has anyone ever seen this product? Does anyone have more to add to this string, please make a comment below?

“Pear’s Fuller’s Earth is a necessary adjunct to the nursery and the ………………sting powder. It is absorbent and prevents irritation due to friction and chafing. Pear’s Fuller’s Earth produces a soothing effect and gives a sense of ease and comfort. A. & F. Pears, Limited London & Sydney.

More on ‘objects with text’, in fact I think I’ll set up another blog tag – objects with text Thursday, Nov 27 2008 

First the story set up – Barbara and I were in Warwick Oakman’s Antique Shop recently in Sandy Bay, Hobart. The building is shaped like a thin slice of pie, with floor to ceiling windows on both sides jam-packed with the fruits of his labour. Warwick’s early home schooling was amongst the stock of his antique dealing parents and led to his training as an architectural historian in Sydney. Then came his self-imposed transportation to Van Dieman’s Land to seek the colonial austerity only few could endure. We love this guy for his own discrete charm, his wealth of knowledge of things Tasmanian and the way he launches into research on things profoundly eclectic . Warwick is also the President of Australia’s foremost Antiques and Art Dealers Association – the AA&ADA, click here to read his President’s message on their current web site. 

So back to the story and Warwick’s shop, this time I  purchased a late 18thC yew wood snuff box with subtle (but sensitive) initials carved into its top, an early 19thC wall mounted, cast iron vesta box with American raised lettering + Barbara chose a 1stC Roman phallic signet ring . . . as we were wrapping up the sale, chatting about catching up for lunch the following Sunday. Warwick grabs this Victorian bar of carbolic soap and quips about a fellow antique dealer from the mainland . . . who commented on the fact that Warwick had such a common little thing for sale in his shop! But there’s the rub….. Warwick values the two important elements of trading, 1) the history and the intriguing story attached to the piece, and 2) that a proprietor has the option to seize the moment to appropriately gift a piece at his or her whim. Warwick showed me the interesting text on the object, and said “here you had better add this to your soap collection – and lets make it three text pieces in a row today”.

I did also find The Indian Soap Company still in existence, here. . . made without the use of any animal products.

I just sold this advertising cast steel, salesman’s ashtray to the Ipswich Art Gallery Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

Michael Beckmann, his curatorial staff & the board of the Ipswich Arts Foundation Trust are always on the look-out for articles pertaining to Ipswich, its public & personal history, its previous commercial activities and environs. Just a caution, everything that has ‘Ipswich’ emblazoned on the surface might not emanate from Ipswich, Queensland . . . so do your own research before making contact to offer your item for sale.

Dawn Ross from the Ipswich Art Gallery supplied this research on my object:

There was a ‘Scotts of Ipswich’ based at 339 Brisbane St and extended to Keogh & Darling Street. It operated under this name from 1954 – 1986. It was founded by Alexander McScott and in 1958-59 it was purchased by a Sydney company, Hadfields Steelworks Ltd, a subsidiary of A E Goodwin Ltd, an international equipment manufacturing company.
The operations continued to be known as Scotts of Ipswich even under new management. It was one of the first manufacturers in Queensland to use & experiment with MIG welding techniques, which replaced riveting. Scotts also manufactured railway rolling stock for Queensland Rail. They made other things such as tubs, buckets, water storage tanks, mooring equipment, oil tanks for various oil companies etc.

Commissioned © Bh Lariat with gems recycled from client’s own brooch and pendant. New gems from the Jeweller to the Lost studio collection Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

1 – Pendant, included quartz from Brazil. Basket setting in 18ct Yellow Gold

2 – New double leaf lattice, client’s own Diamonds

3 – Textured C-Ring Lariat. 18ct Yellow Gold

4 – Textured Gold open setting, client’s own Ceylon Sapphire, 18ct Yellow Gold

5 – Textured Gold tube connector, client’s own Diamonds, 18ct Yellow Gold

6 – Rutile Quartz button beads from Brazil

7 – Diamond set textured spacer beads – Bonbons, client’s own Diamonds, 18ct Yellow Gold

8 – Matt Onyx pill beads from Hong Kong

9 – Lambina Opal beads from Australia

Lariat © Barbara Heath for Christopher & Margaret Wren November 2008

2008 Commission List – Christmas Sale artwork off to printer and .pdf uploaded to our blog just now Friday, Nov 21 2008 

The Barbara Heath Studio Sale is a much anticipated December event.

Here is the link to the 2008 List which is mailed to every commission client.

Pasted below is the front & the back of the DL invite posted to clients who remain on the database. Remember that malE keeps the address book up-to-the-minute, it takes two returned emails in a row and that link is deleted. It still amazes us that so many people do update their details with us, we still do use snail mail – for its personal touch.

FOOTNOTE: Just like clockwork, Australia Post recently bumped up the single mail rate by another 5c, to 55c – Merry Christmas!

New Barbara Heath work departed via FedEx to de novo in Palo Alto, California today Monday, Nov 17 2008 

Cherry LeBrun and staff at de novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry show exclusive jewellery by many of Europe and America’s super-star makers, we are ever mindful of their enthusiastic support for our work. Find us here… 

Three pieces from our de novo range have made the cross country trip to Aaron Faber in New York in time for their first 2009 show entitled – Fresh Start: New Directions. (Jan 9–Feb 21) We share Faber’s fresh new optimism for the time ahead, a time when new ideas will be taking shape in America as well as in their gallery.

New Commissioned Earrings using the © Bh Holbein Knot and Black Enamel Fusion Monday, Nov 10 2008 

These earrings follow on from the recent show in Perth at the Katherine Kalaf Gallery – a multi-commissioner in Sydney, Susan Smith sent Barbara feedback from both our slide show and Katherine’s own web site.  ‘Dear Barbara, use these diamonds and make me a pair of your 16thC new stitch & enamel earrings’? – yes well, as they don’t exist its back to the bench and another design is into the world. The items completed and on my desk today – I’ve scanned and sent the goods off to Sydney tonight.

Further works along this theme continue to be made and consigned to our galleries in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Barbara’s Sautoir in ACP New Zealand publication Saturday, Nov 8 2008 

. . . thanks to Rhana Devenport, Director of the Govett-Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth who mentioned Barbara’s Queensland Boulder Opal Sautoir in her Christmas wish-list. I had to prepare and upload a high-res image for their use in Home NZ Magazine, its on the viewer directory, here’s a snapshot:


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