Kangaroos cross here – picture for Bill Shaman in NYC Wednesday, Nov 27 2002 

 . . . so we posted this shot on the viewer site and Bill sent us an email asking what the hell does it mean?A single lane with a closed double line? – so you can’t even pass on the roads there . . . Except for the bitumem, the entire island is just sand . . . Guns are few and far between, what there’s no shotgun pellets through the sign . . . Is the place populated . . .

Whale watching at Point Lookout Nth Stradbrooke Island Wednesday, Nov 27 2002 

Breaks from the intensity of clients and studio life are generally taken on bush walks or visiting wildlife sanctuaries. This break was at Sans Souci at Point Lookout with walks to many beaches and this shot is taken looking North North East during the whale migration South.

This one has an interesting story . . . Friday, Nov 22 2002 

   A badge collector in North Queensland called and asked if I had any Australian Cricketers tinbacks. I sent photos and sold a few. Adrian Grey of Jubilee Antiques <jubilee@thehub.com.au>  in Brisbane was aware of the sale and told me that a previously unheard of badge of Superman had sold on eBay for over A$1,000.00 the previous week . . . ! so I checked up and posted 13 badges on the viewer site and made contact with the under bidder, he collected only USA comic characters . . . alas, he didn’t bite. I guess the reason the yanks didn’t know about this badge was the fact that the Courier Mail had never paid for the copyright use of the character?

a tree a rock a cloud – a detail Thursday, Nov 21 2002 

Robert MacPherson’s ‘untitled series one’ is back & installed in the studio. Tuesday, Nov 19 2002 

I sent this important work to Christies with Anette Larkin, it got to $70k and the estimate was $120 to $140k . . . so it’s back on the wall until an offer appears. The work is reflected in a crazy-work mirror mal E made from 1950’s Japanese crockery, that’s Barbara’s Standing Guardian in stainless steel on the left.