Our second major commission for Dr Frances Dark and Dr John McGrath – Anniversary Rings, collected yesterday Thursday, Oct 25 2012 

In 1995 the Bh studio made a pendant, a brooch and a ring using unique enamelled pieces from their U.K. Arts & Crafts collection. 2012 sees the studio design and make two complimentary rings along a theme of ‘tree of life’, as briefed. The old saying – “the current make is always the best thing we have ever done” – rings true as both Barbara & Juan’s time sheets went way over on these two makes. I don’t think Juan ever wanted the second ring to be completed, they both loved this commission.

Veronique White saw Barbara’s 2005 show at the QAG, bought the catalogue and years later made a weekend visit from Sydney to the studio in Brisbane Thursday, Oct 25 2012 

. . . the rest is now building her own client page in our studio history. We both spent the entire morning showing Veronique the studio gem collection, the ring design options – the studio stock, the bronze door handles in storage and ended up at Paddington having lunch and a Pinot Grigio.

Gem sales made for the ring below, an 18ct yellow gold and gem ‘birdy’ brooch for her Mum, bronze door handles for her favourite cupboard and a cast made from her own seal and made into an 18ct yellow gold  pendant. Veronique is also studying year 2 ‘gemmology’, interested in travel, organic food and like us – animal welfare.

Commissioned Ring Gem Stack / Double Shank © Bh Textured 18ct White Gold with x5 gem parcel: 1) Aqua RBC 1=0.05ct  2) White Diamond RBC F-G VS 1=0.03ct  3) Brown Diamond RBC 1=0.12ct  4) Star Ceylon Sapphire Cabochon 1=0.92ct  5) Diamond Crystal 1=0.83ct


Do you see egg or chicken? Sunday, Oct 21 2012 

We are sitting on three completed commissions – and I’m not allowed to post anything – so here is a Bh shot taken at the bird pavilion, Queensland Royal National Exhibition – the Brisbane Ekka via the iPhone

Ray and Pat texted to say that a Border Terrier had won ‘best in show’ at Royal Show of Launceston last week Thursday, Oct 18 2012 

it was Gaela from Bohunt – ronE’s 3/4 brother and breeder

Barbara’s third ‘Prado’ talk was at ‘up-late’, last Friday evening (October 5) at the Queensland Art Gallery Thursday, Oct 11 2012 

Our two wrist tags from the night, I should be posting this to ephemeral-male blog where X’s and O’s are one of the visual flavours. The QAG blog is uploading Barbara’s texts, here are live links to each of the 5 selected paintings (four are up as of today, I’ll update once the fifth is uploaded) : – 1  – 2  – 3  – 4 – 5. There will be a fourth talk to a group of Debra Fisher’s fashion students at 2:00pm tomorrow at the QAG.

Our link came up first out of 16,200,000 results of an internet search for ‘skull love token’, we were both chuffed Monday, Oct 8 2012 

Barbara’s Skull Love Tokens have been made since 1987 and exposed in a big way during her one person show (patron, maker, jewell) at the Brisbane City Gallery at Brisbane’s City Hall back in 1999 when I first made a web site of the show. Search engines have had this link since that time but we were still surprised to come up on top of the results list. Pasted below are the original shot of the Love Token Barbara made for me and the first blog link to our directory showing the (his/hers) versions: (these have big currency now amongst young people and we are receiving search hits every day for these © Bh items).

Melissa Cameron sent a similar search result from Seattle,  just now, see her comment below and spend some time on her blog – I’ve spent rewarding times there over the past few months . . .

Repaired colonial dinner plate from Shene homestead, Tasmania c1847 Tuesday, Oct 2 2012 

This post links to our friend’s blog from NYC that specialises in posting antique repaired items – Andrew loves his audience feedback and I have posted many of the ‘make-dos’ that I have collected, here is one from our Tasmanian friends for the sheer love of it:

“Hi Mal, Refer to the attached document compiled by American Archaeologist/Material Culture Specialist Jeanne Harris who recently visited Shene with fellow archaeologist Dr David Rowe of Port Arthur.  The plate in question was made by Thomas Sneyd (1846-1847). We acquired a number of these plates from a descendant of Gamaliel Butler’s family and were advised that Gamaliel and the Butler family used these at Shene.  Fragments found in the soil during our earth moving phase supports this claim.  Also the dates support this view.  Gamaliel had control of Shene (formerly known as Bagdad Farm) from 1822 until his death in February 1852. Refer to the links for full information on this plate. Regards David Kernke.