19thC ‘gothic’ jug with staple repairs joins the urban_archaeology collection Monday, Mar 21 2011 

Another Tasmanian find from Warwick Oakman’s shop in Sandy Bay Road, Hobart. Now this is the stage that collecting becomes interesting – where will this piece eventually belong? In Tasmania with the growing ‘jug collection’ or in Brisbane with the other ‘china repairs’ collection. Well for the minute it resides in Brisbane while the photos are taken and this blog post is created. The potters mark on the base is in red underglaze; W with the numerals 8578, this shows it was manufactured at the Waterloo Works in Lower Charles Street, Hanley. The pewter lid is stamped T. Booth Hanley with a bright Britannia symbol – this is the give-away. Thomas Booth & Sons, Stoke-on-Trent Potters, Hanley 1872–1879. I’ve also sent pics to Andrew Baseman in NYC. Any one able to add further details please? The figures inside the 6 arches are all female and all different. Barbara thinks it shows the three graces (twice). Obviously well loved and repaired with staples, some doubled in the shape of a cross.

c1759 Meissen tea pot as found, three sides viewable Sunday, Mar 13 2011 

Dated Dresden made, Meissen ‘dot period’ – tea pot and lid. Hand painted with underglaze blue crossed swords (in Bruhel’s time 1756–1780) with centre dot. After 1750 the swords become small and delicate. I purchased this (re-do/make-do) for $95.00 from friends at Richmond Antiques in Tasmania, this summer. We are researching the spout shape, we intend to sculpt and finish in wax the missing shape. Cast in gold and fit to tea pot. I feel that the old glue repairs should be re-done and we could drill and make solid gold rivets. See what Andy thinks?

20 rings + on their way to Handmark Gallery, Hobart for the next Barbara Heath show Thursday, Mar 10 2011 

The opening evening is the 25th March 2011, today is the 10th and the image deadline is tomorrow. Alannah and her team are busy as emails wiz up and down the east coast of Australia between both parties. The digital invite will be posted as soon as it arrives, the image below is the master scan with shadows (reduced to 500 pixels wide for the blog).

We have been selling in Tasmania for almost a year now, at Salamanca Place in Hobart and Evandale, close to Launceston. This exhibition promises to show off various collectable © Bh design lines; Rings in – Lace – Enamel – Gem Stack – Another Time – Saddle – Table Top. New Double Necklaces with signature Bar & Ring Clasps – Sautoirs – Pendants – Handmade Chains – Bracelets – Brooches. Most in high carat golds with investment quality, one-off gems. A super guest speaker has been approached, you will all have to wait a little longer for the invitation to be posted to find out who . . . I can’t believe we will be back there so soon. Barbara’s jewellery shares the gallery with wonderful complimentary new works/paintings by artist, Elizabeth Lada-Grey .

UPDATE: 16-3-2011 – the digital invite announcing the guest speaker. We hope to see as many of our Tasmanian friends there on the night!

Colonial timber getter’s handicraft – cedar puzzle frame Saturday, Mar 5 2011 

The only other one I’ve seen is in the Local Historical Museum at Goondiwindi, S. E. Qld. The men carved many hundreds of the same item and hitched units together into long ‘crown of thorns’ as in the museum piece or into puzzle frames like our one pictured. This items has the fragment of fabric and original mount and ripple glass intact. Australian c1850.