This Saturday August 1 is the mid-year GOMA ‘winter design market’ – we will be there 9:00am – 4:00pm Tuesday, Jul 28 2015 

We will be there with our usual generous metal jewellery, our yummy gem stock at (below wholesale) for one day only + new works (at wholesale) recently returned from Barbara’s Tasmanian show – “Midland’s Lepidoptera”. Do please spread the word and we hope to see you!

We sold this large oval faceted (unusual) coloured Topaz to a client in Melbourne over the telephone Wednesday, Jul 30 2014 

Our Sydney friend and gem dealer, Gerard Walsh showed us this gem and malE said he had a client who would buy it in a flash only she resides in Melbourne. We called and offered it for our buy price as we would surely gain a commission to present such an eye-opener – and we sold it over the telephone.

Here is the description “Large oval faceted Topaz with unusual colour characteristics, from a gemological perspective this stone shows combinations/locations of colour centres in the crystallographic structure of the stone. 1=63.77ct L 28.6mm x W 22.5mm D 10.9mm”  Not a Swiss blue and not a London Blue but with its own unique colour.

Hand made setting in raised ‘Leaf Lattice Basket’ design © Bh in Argentium Silver with Barbara’s signature ‘S Hook’ clasp with added ‘Leaf Lattice’ elements. Strung with Mary-Anne’s own graduated Baroque Pearl strand. This lovely necklace jets away today to Melbourne to join many more Barbara Heath pieces in her collection.


Commissioned pendant and necklace for a ‘silver anniversary’ gift Friday, Jun 20 2014 

Collected yesterday, this commission is the first work we have completed in the new alloy ‘argentium’ 935 Silver that is un-tarnishable. The hand made silver wrapped cable is 1.8mm with a J hook and hand made in the USA by our friends at Chris’ Cables. Pendant of a pair of textured gum leaves and a single gun nut set with a light silver/blue freshwater pearl. © Barbara Heath – Jeweller to the Lost, Brisbane Australia.

Busy week of designs and makes although I can only post the items collected Friday, Apr 11 2014 

The first Keshi pearl with the ‘another time’ band and black enamel fusion over 18ct yellow gold, sold to someone at the studio sale who managed to fit it on. It was spotted earlier at our GOMA sale day but unfortunately he couldn’t fit it on. A larger master was created and also our best large gold Keshi pearl was selected. Collected on Thursday this week. See the comments section for the feedback received.

Cuttlefish cast in 18ct yellow gold to hold large south sea pearl Wednesday, Apr 2 2014 

Roz has her stingray skin choker to hold this whopper

Five shots of ring stock to be sold next weekend at the studio sale Monday, Dec 2 2013 


Commission clients who visit the studio always ask to see what we are working on – stock wise. One lady swooped on the Aquamarine dress ring (number 3 – Image 5) and Barbara was shocked to see it go . . .

(Numbers 4 and 5 – Image 3) were sold at GOMA sale on the weekend

as was (number 6 – Image 2) sold at GOMA last weekend.

(number 4 – Image 1) I could have sold twice at GOMA sale only it can’t be resized, one client has commissioned another one with a larger Keshi pearl to be made before we close. (number 3 – Image 1) has two followers hovering and a very quite lady absolutely loved (number 8 – Image 1) but she never returned with the husband on the day. I’m hoping she took a card?


The third commission this year from Dr Gary Deed Thursday, Nov 15 2012 

The studio managed to have this piece finished in time for his birthday, although unplanned. Gary emailed us saying he’s out of town so could we break the rule and send him a scan of the piece – I did that last night so today I’m able to show the world this latest commission.

© Bh Commission – Gary Deed – Katabami Pendant 22mm in Shakudo and 18ct yellow gold with reverse side of Shakudo with 18ct yellow gold Bindi. Pendant is supended on double strand of black silk 56cm, bound at seven points with ‘X’ connectors of 18ct yellow gold – three to each side plus one to suspend pendant. Clasp of small button/toggle design and additional suspended detail of black pearl also in Shakudo and 18ct yellow gold as per brief.

We have recently updated all our stock at the Queensland Art Gallery bookshop for the ‘Prado” exhibition Tuesday, Sep 4 2012 

© Bh Sautoir – Hand made 18ct Yellow Gold Star Wire chain, small Bar & Ring clasp. 18ct Yellow Gold Seal Pendant (vite), Lace Pod with Fresh Water Pearls, Textured TuTu drop with Fresh Water Pearl, Oxidised Silver Infinity symbol and matt Onyx Beads.

Another collaboration between the forces of fashion and those who wrestle the materials Wednesday, May 16 2012 

Three hearts skipped a beat when we delivered this piece early on Saturday morning just as Tricia was about to fly off to Perth and on to Karatha, Western Australia to see her son. It was Laurie who first bought her a divine, large Tanzanite (from the mine) that we set in her lost Emerald and Tanzanite ring – here. Laurie played a big part in the design of the original ring so with this replacement he was also involved and held great expectations. Tricia found and secured a Trillion cut Tanzanite that we sent to Sydney to have recut to optimum brilliance. The stone, originally cut for maximum weight, had a ‘window’ a term that describes a view through the gem, our skilled cutter can re-align the back facets to correct this fault, to great effect. The tilted three reflectors were intended to be opal but ended up as curved Pearl Shell pieces cut and mounted in 18ct Palladium White Gold. The entire ring is a wire construction that Barbara and Juan-Luis have well and truly perfected by now.

Here’s a transcript of the phone message left on the studio phone on the Sunday: “Tricia called with feedback from her son Laurie, he bought the original tanzanite directly from the mine in Tanzania –  just to tell you Laurie was stoked when he saw the ring, he nearly drove off the road! He said we’ve really hit new ground on this one. Such innovation. He’s so thrilled with it. Great success. Congratulations!” – Patricia Crowley.

Here are a few shots I took with it on the hand -1 -2 -3

Next weekend is the Jeweller to the Lost – Studio Christmas Sale, (Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, 2011) – two down and the big two day affair to go Monday, Dec 5 2011 

Last weekends, first full day Gem Stock sale went off really well with a small but dedicated group of studio visitors (two other jewellers amongst the group) and one internet purchase all the way from Perth, Western Australia. The ‘Lady from Texas’ requested and was sent a twelve page .pdf of the gem trays and we were delighted with her comments, unusual choices and the fact that we have another big earring commission to start. Another new studio die-hard bought Opals for her Mum, resulting in another earring commission – a huge included quartz for a door-knocker ring and a sweet trio of Pink Sapphires to be made into a fancy white & pink dress ring. Three other major gem fanciers were on hand to make sure I had remembered all my gemology . . . plus x2 pickups from the previous weekend sale at GOMA.

So now we have started another annual event, three suppliers sent consignments of diamonds, coloured high-end gemstones and opal to augment our 12 trays worth – these all return this Thursday so any one interested in gem only viewing, be quick. Footnote: the three parcels of Diamonds leave tonight!



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