. . . the French Vogue review of the February 2009, Christie’s Paris sale has just been consumed. Avid viewersite blog readers already know I spent three nights without sleep (in real time) devouring the Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé sale catalogues on line (23, 24 , 25th Feb). I made digital snap-shots, notes and a wish list of all the items of personal interest that suddenly had became so desperately public.

Some of the enjoyable moments of my past life as a creative director flash back to me when I’m presented with a sensitive, soulful editorial solution. One that manages to pick through what must have been a monumental visual report of a truly world class act – did any of you view the pre-sale preparations on the Christies web site? The sheer tsunami-like interest the sale generated, world wide. The spectacular result in terms of prices realised and goods dispersed to new appreciative owners. Well, I’ve scanned the eight pages, all designed and presented in Tri-tone so sensitively art directed and I’ve presented each page as a one page download (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) for your enjoyment.

Then Tuyet Nguyet & Stephen Markbrieter’s – Arts of Asia arrived. This magazine I have subscribed to from Issue 10 and have all but two issues since its first appearance in 1970. They too, are a world-class act and have produced an insightful four page review of the sale.

Here are the pages to individually download (1) (2) (3) (4) for your English reading enjoyment with thanks to Christie’s, Asian Art, International Academic Director – Rosemary Scott. Incidentally, Volume 39, Number 3 also has a bumper coverage of Sir Percival David’s Chinese ceramic collection at the British Museum, itself an un-surpassed classic collection of the potters & glazers craft through linage that dates from 1728 and depicts antiquities in the collections of the Yongzheng emperor.