You all might be interested to see the recycled gates created by Bob Dylan Friday, Aug 15 2014 

Dylan’s welded iron objects were shown late last year in London at Halycon and this review is from Barbara’s ‘metalsmith’ magazine which we were delighted to read. We have already installed a repaired metal strapped gate in Tunbridge, Tasmania and I have been collecting any scrap iron from the township since 2006.

My last big horde was from the ‘tunbridge wells inn’ – the town’s first dwelling which was once a blacksmith’s workshop. The previous owner Jack gave me all the scrap iron he found when cleaning up the property to put it on the market. We had always thought of recycling these pieces of the town for our own gates once we reside there proper. 


mal E returned home safe today from two weeks work on our shop and residence at Tunbridge, Tasmania Friday, Aug 2 2013 

Our American friend and master carpenter, Kim Vagt and mal E powered on for 10 days straight – achieving great pressured results upstairs and downstairs. We prepared the ground and briefed Greg Edwards to create a replacement Georgian internal staircase to the exact proportions, to be repositioned exactly where the original one stood. We also contacted our original sparky to visit and plan the final stages of electrical installations to the building. A wide pano of the shop room has been uploaded to malE’s viewersite on Tumblr and can be downloaded – here.