Our 25th wedding anniversary – and 32 years since we met Thursday, Dec 13 2018 

A wonderful soul who we have since lost touch with, Hilary Dimon was commissioned to do both our natal charts – to find the most suitable time for us to merge our planets back in 1993. We had chosen our location, Sans Souci at North Stradbroke Island but somehow could not fix the date. Hilary reported back with a question “do you have anything against the 13th?” No, the 13th is fine. “OK well 3am is the optimum time”… We did have a problem with 3am however. . . . “ok, next best is at 11:00pm on the dot on the Sunday evening the 12th?” And so it was done . . .

Being both so interested in symbology and ritual we spent much time devising a ceremony that would have meaning for us. We then took twelve dear friends to the island to witness our little ritual under the stars. That team then returned to our home the following day to set the scene for a celebration party for 220 guests.

Barbara continues her research into jewellery, bronze and iron materials Thursday, Aug 24 2017 

Inside the ferro battuto studio of ‘Carlo’ at Civitanova Alta, a third generation regional metalsmith now retired and closing his forge. He has found no one local who is interested to learn the craft and can’t compete with the cheap Chinese products flooding Italy. We are hoping that local council can work to house his stock and trade tools. We were overjoyed when staff opened up the museum for us at Monteloupone, as it was holiday season. Invaluable to have access and time with these old makers.

Barbara’s textured “S” clasp and wrap-around Shakudo settings on our client’s own Ambers and black Resin beads Thursday, Mar 23 2017 


We love the fan/thanks mail that we receive and we both treasure and preserve them, Dr Gael sends the most divine cards Thursday, May 2 2013 


This sunday evening at 9:30pm on RN (ABC’s Radio National) – RareCollections are doing a program on the first Brisbane sound lounge, the Red Orb Friday, Apr 5 2013 

Facebook has been a-buzz this week with postings and the like, lots of you might have missed this but don’t miss the gig on the night? It’s a show about Australian music. Jordie and David Kilby collect records and RareCollections is their way of sharing some of the interesting stories and music they dig up.

A direct link

The link to the entire recorded show

The first ‘touring’ Tinsmith show’s invite for everyone – take notice of the dates and address Tuesday, Jan 24 2012 

Some readers will join the dots, my NAWCC Clock Chapter 104 held a watch and clock display at Pine Rivers a while back and we are now venturing out there again for the touring Tinsmith show in Feb 2012. Barbara’s artist talk is on the 10th at 6:00pm for 6:30pm. The hard cover catalogue is being printed in Hong Kong at the moment, will be interesting to see it as we have not been shown any proofs – the show is really out of our hands now. We have great faith in the touring body and Artisan and warmly invite all of you to venture a little north for the show. The Pine Rivers Heritage Museum is a great venue and holds the Roy Copper Clock Collection as well as a terrific static folk art and object show from the local catchment.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor show opened last night, here is Barbara’s piece and page to read after downloading Friday, Sep 30 2011 

The large .pdf of page 18 is here – we are well pleased with everyone’s efforts. Barbara’s work load meant that she didn’t manage to hob-knob with the visiting jewellers who met at the Gallery Artisan an hour before the opening although we all caught up with one another after the speeches . . . the catalogue, the show design, the intensity of the works and stories will keep audiences on their toes.

Katherine Large sent the ABC interview link – here

Ray Norman sent another ABC link today – here

Two important Kina Shells, now with bespoke fastenings Saturday, Jul 24 2010 

This is the second money shell commission that Barbara has worked on for the curator and collector, head of Australian Art QAG/GOMA; Julie Ewington. This commission was to design and make fastenings that most suited these objects. Both from interesting sources with their histories intact, now they are secured for vitrine presentation and the odd ‘rumble in the disco jungle’ . . . the one above is fabricated in shakudo, the one below has a knotted necklace of matt onyx with oxidised silver fastenings © Bh – Jeweller to the Lost.