Thanks Renai et al Thursday, Sep 17 2015 

“Thanks Mal, We are very excited about this new purchase for the collection.The works will be found in Mater Private Springfield Hospital and in Mater Health Services Art Collection.” –  Best Renai Director, Independent Arts Management, P O Box 7648 EAST BRISBANE Q 4169. 0411 484 222

Maise and Bab’s Garden Sketchbook – detail
When Marian and Barbara were thrown together for the MOB – ‘silver’ initiative it smacked of fun and they were delighted. Many people loved this work and it was offered to someone special, this week it was sold via IAM, well done ladies! This studio shot was taken by mal E early in the piece:

Our link came up first out of 16,200,000 results of an internet search for ‘skull love token’, we were both chuffed Monday, Oct 8 2012 

Barbara’s Skull Love Tokens have been made since 1987 and exposed in a big way during her one person show (patron, maker, jewell) at the Brisbane City Gallery at Brisbane’s City Hall back in 1999 when I first made a web site of the show. Search engines have had this link since that time but we were still surprised to come up on top of the results list. Pasted below are the original shot of the Love Token Barbara made for me and the first blog link to our directory showing the (his/hers) versions: (these have big currency now amongst young people and we are receiving search hits every day for these © Bh items).

Melissa Cameron sent a similar search result from Seattle,  just now, see her comment below and spend some time on her blog – I’ve spent rewarding times there over the past few months . . .

This post puts me well-and-truly on the soap box Friday, Nov 28 2008 

Objects with text – 2, maintaining the soap theme. I once purchased around 20 bound, six monthly volumes of the London Illustrated News from a grand colonial house in East Brisbane in the early 1960s. (UPDATE: Another point of interest – the 598 Vulture Street house is now owned by an old SSB client and a mate by the name of Jon Le Court). I was told the owners’ decendents once owned all the river front land from where the Story bridge is now right along to Norman Creek. They grew sugar cane along the flood plain and the original house was positioned high on the ridge commanding a view to the city. I pulled so many original real estate posters from between those pages, this demonstrative advert for Pears Soap was another hidden treasure I have not been able to part with. (As an ex-advertising man I have always cherished working with products that actually deliver on their promise).