Barbara says she didn’t invent *it . . . she just pulled it into her vocabulary Friday, Mar 24 2017 

Yes the *wire form with tab settings . . . have been a signature option here at Jeweller to the Lost since the beginning. Ruth and Barbara made a random arrangement of the elements – silver, onyx and the coral-coloured French glass buttons.

Juan-Luis and I always scan and document most stages of the make either on the iPhone or the scanner. Here is the construct in two sides via my scanner – very clean and scrutinised work.

The studio finishes the first of two © Bh ‘in-line’ commissioned necklaces today Friday, Sep 23 2016 


Here is the design worked up with material scanned at same size – no names at this stage, oxidised Silver and 18ct yellow Gold with bayonet clasp. Recycling these rare and sentimental elements from more than one lifetime, is becoming a speciality of Barbara’s.


This matching set of trillion-cut Rubellite Tourmalines have sat in the gem collection for the last nine years Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

Originally sourced from “Mr Coloured Gem” – George Palos, numerous clients and Barbara alike have circled them in anticipation . . . but our Sydney client swooped when on a recent commissioning visit. It was simple: “make me a pair of those beautiful Buds that just hang so well”. “This round brilliant cut Argyle diamond, can you source and match another one and make them the central element + your lovely 18ct yellow gold constructions”.

Commission Earrings © Bh 2015  Set of eight matching trillion-cut Rubellites 8=5.88ct in four petal openwork ‘Bud’ design with single round brilliant cut Argyle diamonds 2=0.32ct at centre. Hinged hook with safety catch. Hand constructed 18ct yellow gold. Approx 15mm diameter.

There are a few significant factors here: First, you just can’t go out and buy eight matching stones, these were sourced and cut under the gemologist’s keen scrutiny (thanks George). Although the “Bud’ design was originally created by Barbara and brought to realisation through a series of clever tension cuts to the petals by Juan-Luis in the studio. The actual realisation of this commission was via a domed and pierced gold plate which became a floating setting for the Rubellites. The angles, the balance, the measured and secure clasp are all studio secrets.

Edwardian era inter-changable jewellery into the studio for research and repair Thursday, Oct 9 2014 

Oval cabochon ring set (above) and oval cabochon Pendant set (below). Both sets are complete in their presentation boxes (but sadly sans retailer’s marks). The ring and pendant chain are now ready for wearing again. Thanks to Janette Wiley for bringing these into the studio.


Commissioned Necklace © Bh which will be presented today Tuesday, Sep 4 2012 

(above detail) © Bh Lariat – Large Rutile Quartz pendant in 18ct Textured Yellow Gold with two Leaf Lattice set with Diamonds Textured C-Ring with Padparasha Sapphire Crystal Faceted Mexican Fire Opal Beads Crystal Citrine Rondells & Queensland Spinel Beads for a special King family occasion. The full Lariat here.

Now this is a first – K B is in Darwin and wants to see her new ‘survivor’ pendant commissioned from Barbara Heath Friday, Aug 17 2012 



The studio rule is that the client must view and accept the piece before I’m allowed to post to the world. Kerry is a seasoned (jeweller to the Lost) commissioner and knows the ropes only she can’t wait to see the piece, great! Here is the original design (never posted) but shared via email with the client and following is Barbara’s job bag description.

© Bh Commission – ‘Survivor Pendant’ – A circular Pearlshell disc 30mm dia. set in a fine 18ct white gold frame has ‘floating’ gems set into the surface; long rectangular Quartz cabochon with phantom crystal inclusion, Purple Sapphire emerald cut 1= 0.30ct set in 18ct pink gold and KB’s Grandmother’s diamond in its original Platinum setting. A textured bar irregularly set with x5 small diamonds (as supplied) which intersects the circle at the top forming the bail to suspend the pendant. Black neoprene necklet with bayonet clasp.

Only one mermaid will be able to dive into this aqua pool of a ring, will it be you? Tuesday, May 29 2012 

Another two men’s pendant pieces for the same great bloke Wednesday, Feb 22 2012 

Leigh Phillips is a long-term client who has purchased Barbara’s pieces for his wife Cynthia and for himself. The annual studio sale brings them to Brisbane and sales are made and commissions are started. Leigh wanted a chain and a bale made to wear his New Zealand carved Jade piece, shown above. This is a great design, not only circular in shape but with an exquisite wave motif mirrored to contain and hold the power. Barbara made a handforged silver bale and did the reticulated surface to match another pendant and necklace Leigh bought from our Studio stock, shown below.

Again, Leigh scooped the stock sitting here about to be consigned to our web-based retailer. The Silver pendant is all hand forged and reticulated with a large oval polished piece of Variscite from the Candalaria Mine in Nevada, supplied by Richard & Helen Schull from ‘out of our mines‘.

A tip-off, what’s in store at Bonhams NYC 27 May 2010, one item in particular, for all gem loving typographers Sunday, May 2 2010 

For the designer/typographer/collector who has a spare $10k and isn’t paying off some clock of distinction:
Bonhams Sale 18252 – Natural History, 27 May 2010
580 Madison Avenue, New York
Lot No: 1328
Natural Agate Alphabet
There are only five complete natural agate alphabet sets known to have been assembled and the present set is one of them. Through perseverance and hard work the lapidary artist has cut these twenty-six cabochons from large pieces of natural translucent agate that contained iron-stained fractures. Typically, these natural inclusions in the agate take the form of an abstract pattern or cross, but with great care, the lapidary artist can observe where the stained fractures form shapes which are more interesting, and then orient the cabochon so that those shapes appear as letters. It can take many years to assemble a set such as this as only a few agate “letters” are found each year. Certain letters, such as Q and R, are especially difficult to find. Truly a wonder of nature and a fascinating item for those loving natural history curiosities, heights approximately 10mm.
Estimate: $7,000 – 10,000
Contact the Specialist to discuss this lot or selling in a future sale
Email: Thomas Heitkamp
Tel: 323-436-5437

Back in the studio after 10 years in the field – check settings, slightly smaller and a clean Friday, Sep 4 2009 

18ct Yellow Gold, Champagne Diamond and brilliant cut white Diamonds © Bh 1999

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