Additional work on a commission from Hong Kong completed and delivered Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 

We have covered this commission previously, Wendy sent back the bracelet asking:

“Dear Barbara and Malcolm, Today I sent the cuff to you via Speedpost.  Should arrive on May 7.  Would you please be so kind as to let me know when you receive it.  We are out of Hong Kong after May 12 until June 8. This sample of the boar tile that you sent Malcolm typifies the rougher element we originally hoped for. With regard to the new leather band perhaps you could send a photo of the leather before re-constructing the cuff?  I am anticipating something in a slightly softer leather, the colour to be lighter and more variegated so it looks a bit worn and, if possible, 1/4 inch wider though that was not in the original brief.  Only if possible to do this since you are re-making it anyway. Again many thanks for this consideration. Best regards, Wendy.”

Barbara dismantled the cuff, initiated a search for a local leather maker, bought more leather samples and started into the medallion with surface punches to (age) the piece. We reported back at each stage and finally sent off the piece for a second time. And yes, the feedback was music to our ears . . .

This Saturday August 1 is the mid-year GOMA ‘winter design market’ – we will be there 9:00am – 4:00pm Tuesday, Jul 28 2015 

We will be there with our usual generous metal jewellery, our yummy gem stock at (below wholesale) for one day only + new works (at wholesale) recently returned from Barbara’s Tasmanian show – “Midland’s Lepidoptera”. Do please spread the word and we hope to see you!

Cheque arrived from Hong Kong for another McTavish family commission, we are excited to start Thursday, Apr 3 2014 

More on this when we complete Peter’s leather and 925 silver “Clan” cuff . . . commissioned by Wendy. I so much miss the postage ephemera, I keep every postage stamp for recycling and future artworks. We miss the smaller native birds as they are driven out of the suburban gardens by larger, non-Australian species. Thoughts of all the Australian migrating birds that used the mudflats of Hong Kong as feed and rest stations on their northern journeys to and from Siberia, these environments are shrinking due to landfill and the real estate boom there.

With contemporary jewellery, and gems for that matter – we have found that “you either get it or you don’t” Friday, Feb 17 2012 

Warwick Oakman is a practicing architectural historian & high class antiques dealer in Hobart, Tasmania. We are leaving his own words sent to us in an email this morning, as the copy for this post. As you can see “he really gets it” . . .

Dear Mal and Barb,
I am still not quite sure what I have done to deserve knowing you guys. I have just got my white gold and ruby house cufflinks from Handmark. I keep wearing them. Everything about them is ultra considered  – but not fussy or too slick. Extra meat and depth of metal. Proportions work. They speak of the human you wish to be. I am doing extra sit-ups each day to look extra smooth. I can sorta see why people flip camps from going from antique to new when you come across something with this level of intent and resolution. I  have been sitting them up in the box in front of the dinner plate and cant stop staring at them. Bizarre behaviour! – Thankyou.



Shown above are the solid yellow gold pair, Warwick has the solid white gold ones © Bh 2010.

The link to Barbara Heath’s work at both Hobart & Evandale – Handmark Gallery is – here.