My own spring cleaning report.

Four images of a dial under reconstruction: top shot shows the circular dial removed from the movement in ‘as found’ state. 180 years of grime and finger grease, not to mention the oxidisation that has occurred to this early and quality French timepiece dial, signed Leroy A Paris. Second shot shows the dial cleaned down to what remains of the original surface, sans the paint and grime. The ‘organics’ are still present on the dial but we are down to examining the supposed engine-turned finish and what remains of the original silver flashed to the brass. The third shot shows the results of the removal of all organic residue, the results of the fine bead blast and then the 10 microns of silver plated to the front of the dial. The vector graphic dropped in as the fourth shot shows the combined layers of my artwork, now complete that will be silk screened to the silvered dial. The case repairs are completed and all that remains is to clean and service the movement.