. . . we must mention the swapsies and the garden gifts from neighbours also Wednesday, Mar 5 2014 

Many meals have been made from produce gathered within a kilometre from the property, including lamb cuts and fish and mussels from the Blackman river. This little parcel was found outside the back door from Dot & Mike Evans who own the other two story sandstone building in the village.

The garden at Tunbridge is planted with heritage fruit trees that we have espaliered, now into their sixth year – they are bearing fruit. Wednesday, Mar 5 2014 

. . . and as we are tropical folk at heart, we are really grooving on jam and paste-making down there.

Here are x8 shots I took of the ‘silver’ objects when they were housed in the studio cabinet Monday, Nov 18 2013 

The show at the Museum of Brisbane opened last Thursday evening to a host of guests and many of our pals, all the artists and those closely associated with MOB. Marian has taken great individual shots of the objects on a white ground and the work itself shown with the backdrop looks super but here I am sharing eight of my more moody shots:

“Six pairs of Queensland’s finest visual ¬†artist collaborate for the first time for ‘silver’. Each duo – a leading photographer and artisan jeweller – consider the differences and commonalities in their practices to present new artworks inspired by our city.” Barbara and Marian’s artist talk is at 2pm on Sunday 13th April 2014 just prior to the show’s closure on 27th April but don’t wait that long to see this super show . . .

Today was New Year’s Day in Ethiopia, but only to the year 2006 Wednesday, Sep 11 2013 

. . . everything you need to know is here – but the Ethiopian man who helps us with the garden handed in this solid gold ring he found in our garden ‘today’ . . . and it has crosses and is circular (so it will appear on ephemeral-male blog as well).


Friday at sunset – June 21 2013 we light our winter solstice fire in the backyard Thursday, Jun 20 2013 



. . . we never know who will appear out of the shadows with their little pieces of paper for the fire.

Everything happens in twos it seems (inseparables), well Glenn Cooke owned the last post and yesterday he collected his latest two commissioned rings by Barbara Thursday, May 9 2013 

One of Barbara’s earliest sets of stacked interlocking rings was purchased at a Cintra House exhibition by Glenn Cooke, who was the decorative arts curator at the Queensland Art Gallery. ‘Cook-e’ has been a friend and supporter of us both and also we share many interests, Australiana: furniture and gold & silversmithing, chip art, tea towel art, matchstick art and found ephemera plus we are all members of the Australian¬†Garden History Society. His third commission is featured today.

The folk I missed in the last Tassie post (artists back to back) . . . Monday, Mar 25 2013 

In the very first days we arrived we hosted Dr Gael Phillips & Adelle Outteridge-Field who are both Barbara’s distant cousins – they were off to a Longford family get-together. Here we are at Punch’s place at Tunbridge, the place is now left to fall down by the Lodge family.

We also missed David and Anne Kirnke and didn’t mention folks in Oatlands we saw (Monica and Kevin) and missed (Debra and Cam).

From the Sally Wise recipe book we have in Tasmania, (from memory) ‘a year in a bottle’ – our first crop of apples made into “apple cheese” Saturday, Mar 23 2013 

Pat wants the recipe and Barb isn’t too sure about some amounts – we will figure it out


I’ve now had 5 requests for Barbara’s opening remarks at ‘The Tasmanian Landscape’ show last Friday in Hobart Friday, Mar 22 2013 

I’ve prepared an A4 sheet – download here

Issue #63 of Object magazine is downloadable to iPad apps and via their server Monday, Dec 10 2012 

We are featured in a review of the Lake Macquarie Gallery’s travelling show entitled “life in your hands” click here. The designers selected our work as the hero and it is also covered in one of the four illustrated works, nice!

The studio is very pleased with this commission, the brief and the outcome. We are still to post the Art Monthly review by Anne Kirker, we know about it but haven’t managed to get our own copy hard against the scanner glass as yet . . . I’ve just updated this post with two earlier links to this commission and artwork as I’ve had requests for more information – final artconcept.

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