Additional work on a commission from Hong Kong completed and delivered Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 

We have covered this commission previously, Wendy sent back the bracelet asking:

“Dear Barbara and Malcolm, Today I sent the cuff to you via Speedpost.  Should arrive on May 7.  Would you please be so kind as to let me know when you receive it.  We are out of Hong Kong after May 12 until June 8. This sample of the boar tile that you sent Malcolm typifies the rougher element we originally hoped for. With regard to the new leather band perhaps you could send a photo of the leather before re-constructing the cuff?  I am anticipating something in a slightly softer leather, the colour to be lighter and more variegated so it looks a bit worn and, if possible, 1/4 inch wider though that was not in the original brief.  Only if possible to do this since you are re-making it anyway. Again many thanks for this consideration. Best regards, Wendy.”

Barbara dismantled the cuff, initiated a search for a local leather maker, bought more leather samples and started into the medallion with surface punches to (age) the piece. We reported back at each stage and finally sent off the piece for a second time. And yes, the feedback was music to our ears . . .

Artisan becomes our retail headquarters ‘North of the Brisbane river’ with QAG/GOMA Gallery Store our ‘South of the river’ retail headquarters Thursday, Apr 30 2009 

Beginning of May 2009 marks our product re-launch with two cabinets full of new stock plus a competitive pricing structure especially set up for the venue. Gallery staff at Artisan have represented Jeweller to the Lost © now for many years, understanding the numerous styles, textures and gems that form part of Barbara’s rich retail therapy. As one of our two exclusive retail agents in Brisbane, Artisan also plays a role to initiate new commissions to the studio, by introducing their clients into our fold.

By the end of May 2009, to coordinate with the new ‘blockbuster’ show opening at QAG/GOMA our stock will also be refreshed in their two Gallery Stores.

Highly personal commissioned pendants Wednesday, Dec 10 2008 

Natalie Billing is a young sculptor who delivered a very moving brief to Barbara, the result is published above. I just worked away in the background, I know stories were re-told – objects tipped out on the table – books tumbled from the shelves – emails went to & fro – palm casts were made of Natalie and her Mum’s – other women visited and added elements – Natalie’s husband remained on the outer right through the episode (his choice), it was a very personal affair. I was privileged to be around the hearth I can tell you.

Commissioned Earrings with volcanic rock from Mt Erebus in Antarctica Wednesday, Dec 10 2008 

Peter Maxwell is our materials conservator, he has worked with us on virtually every piece of public art since 1998. His work for the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust  has taken him to numerous icy outposts, he does the conservation work on Shackelton’s Hut for instance – he presented Barbara with these ash rocks and asked her to do her magic on some earrings for his wife. Our gem cutter freaked and we sent them down to Kezya Norman who is learning gem cutting (amongst other crafts) in Launceston. They arrived back in shaved pieces and the result is now publishable. The larger .pdf is here for those high-res interested parties. By the way Kezya! we still haven’t sighted your invoice babe?