Neither of us remember the exact date but it was around this time 30 years ago that Juan Luis Gonzalez first came to my studio/shop in the Brisbane Arcade. Juan’s art teacher at Corinda High School, Julie Peachey made sure her students linked in to the local art scene and I was just one of many artists invited to run a workshop there, thats how I met Juan. Shortly afterwards he came to do work experience for a while… and as they say, the rest is history. With his natural talent, it wasn’t long before he became indispensable.
Even with natural talent, attaining the artisanal skills required for making fine jewellery, the manual finesse and the spatial imagination for the hand to reliably do what the eye wants take years of focus and repetition. Over the years together we have enjoyed mentoring many recent graduates as they seek to strengthen their skills, most stay for a year or two before leaving to pursue their next goals. Juan has stayed and that has enabled our working relationship to evolve into something more than remarkable – I am grateful – and so proud of the beautiful work we produce together.