Barbara and Tricia have lusted together about this particular ring in the ‘cheapside horde’ – originally with a 16thC table cut diamond set with a foil back and enamelled in white and fine black brush work. Barbara’s ‘holbein knot’ or raised stitch work is evident in the design and the make. Our trusted gem cutter in Sydney; Tony Maynard sourced and cut the cubic zirconia after lengthy  discussions and tests and parcels to and fro to get it right. The final metal specification changed from 18ct Yellow Gold to Fine Silver which set particular enamelling issues which the studio overcame. Sans foil setting meant that the inside of the setting was eventually oxidised and then the stone was set. This time a perfect seat for the stone warped during the enamelling process.  All corrected now.  By way of lengthy disclosure, the job specification has been spelt out leaving only the weight of the stone 1=27.56ct