My wife Barbara Heath did titanium frame designs for Johno early on and we had numerous trips to Sydney, met Jean-Pierre, Susan and his partner Mark. As I always do I couldn’t help but ask pertinent questions about the marketing and the shape of his organisation . . . it ended up in my partnering with Johno to completely change-force his brand and in the end we managed to buy back his own name from N.Z. businessmen. His own signature became synonymous with his own products, the Jonathan Sceats brand was given the edge that he himself so naturally displayed. We went back into his own family history and seriously re-jigged it reflecting his own ‘Aussie-ness’ and his 3D love of the ‘skull’ element. Our marketing strategy was our product promise . . . gutsy stuff for 1987.



I posted this to my FB page on Friday night when there is not that much traffic, so here it is to all of our viewersite clients & friends, enjoy the history ride . . .