A break from the studio is indeed a holiday but all we do is work at our other project – the restoration of our Tunbridge shop and residence. We did a three day jaunt to Strahan via Queenstown and home north through Zeehan and Waratah where we continued our tinsmith research. Barbara and I found her Great Grandfather’s grave in the old cemetery outside the town where the Mount Bischoff tin mine was active in the 19th century. We secured ore samples, the bicentennial book on the region’s history and talked to many folk who were interested to chat tin . . .

Found two luscious early and now rare – pontypool japanned (tinned iron ware trays) for the collection.

Barbara’s second one-person show opened on the 15th March in Hobart’s Handmark Gallery to a swollen crowd who turned out to hear her well chosen words on her Tasmanian Landscape and Craig Judd’s twist on the European view of the place as witnessed by the early Hobart surveyor – J. E. Calder, as he opened the painting component of the show (as part of the 10 days on the Island festival). Many of our friends travelled to Hobart from Launceston, Ross and Oatlands to boost our Hobart friends and commissioners. Our show is selling well, Allanah managed a nice article in the Hobart Mercury on the morning of the show also.

The rest of the time we worked on the shop and in the garden while the painters prepped and painted the front and back awnings and the attached building. Kim and mal E did the carpentry repairs, a few shots below. We achieved much in a small time and managed visits to Clarendon with Warwick Oakman, Ros Palmer, cousins Sandra and Tommy, Graham Mulligan, Miles Davis-Kielar, Ray and Pat, Allan and Linda Cooper, dealers Joan at Sandy Bay, Carl at New Town and Tim at Campbell Town, Allan and Sandy Davis, Graham and Ann Hesse, Lyn and Rob Robson, the lovely Emma and Ray, our accountants from Brisbane Mary and Robert Edwards, our pal Annie the wwoofer, Joy and Kim, Joy and Kevin, Rodney & (Joey), Norman and Claire Pearce and the Tunbridge brigade. Huge thanks to Babe and ‘clock man’ Paul Jones for the loan of the diesel ute for the entire month. We missed seeing Marg and Steve Jones, Robert and Michael at Longford, Dot and Mike Evans and only managed a chat with George Burrows on the dog’nbone. Travelled and gained ‘velocity’ points with Virgin with ronE in the baggage hold. Back to 7 screaming commissions and 32 job bags on the shelf – wouldn’t be dead for quids!

I’ve posted ten big Tassie panorama shots on my Tumbr site  . . . here