Yes, his wall clock needed attention, hence the note to remind me to attend to it on Boxing Day. His prowess at the pool table will be challenged but a word of warning – don’t bet on your friends!

O.K. – party pics ( 123456 ) and an update: Ended up being two parties at the same place 12:00 noon for the family and all the kids then after two games of pool with eldest son (malE), all his cronies turned up at 3:00pm and I left at 3:30pm

“poppy’ as he is known to his great grandchildren won both games of pool, it was down to the black first game and I went in off the black and down to the black in the second game, I kept playing it safe and trying to snooker him but he potted that black and so it was two-nil . . . what fun to see Dick in his element!