The first Barbara Heath studio sale took place in the Brisbane Arcade, then those lovely pop-up windows each year at Paddington. I remember windows by Donald Holt, Rhana Devenport, John Nelson and the ones Barbara and I did together (see below).  This year the French cabinet popped up just in time to be filled with gems and special makes. Internet sales are up also with clients requesting shots of trays to be emailed for perusal, we sent items off  to Tasmania, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney this year. Studio starts back on Tuesday January 1 2013 when we start work on the next Handmark Gallery show planned for early March 2013.

Also thanks for the emailed cards received, the written reports (lots more people are doing these) and Christmas cards in the mail (again many more handmade items this year as well). Safe travels, small portions and we are waiting for the two vintage 2002 bottles of Pol Roger that Lil has ordered for Christmas lunch!