© Bh Necklace Commission Michele Askin – adjustable length Sautoir of double strand of carved aquamarine beads (recycled as supplied) with shorter sections of Lambina opal beads =40cts and our Bar and Ring clasp set with a pair of cabochon Mandarin Garnets 2=0.96ct. Various pendant and in-line © Bh details along the necklace include; Lace Pea pendant, Lace Pod in-line and set with Mexican Fire Opal beads =10cts, Carnelian Gumnut pendant, Carved Aquamarine pendant.

Nine details of the different © Bh symbols, Bar and Ring clasp and add-ons as keepsakes that make this piece so special – 1000 mm in length using carved aquamarine from a previous necklace (we won’t say by whom), and fiery Mexican opals from our own gem collection. For a lovely repeat client that shares our interests in the good things: life, food, wine, gems, art, furniture, modernism, history and the future of the planet.