This post links to our friend’s blog from NYC that specialises in posting antique repaired items – Andrew loves his audience feedback and I have posted many of the ‘make-dos’ that I have collected, here is one from our Tasmanian friends for the sheer love of it:

“Hi Mal, Refer to the attached document compiled by American Archaeologist/Material Culture Specialist Jeanne Harris who recently visited Shene with fellow archaeologist Dr David Rowe of Port Arthur.  The plate in question was made by Thomas Sneyd (1846-1847). We acquired a number of these plates from a descendant of Gamaliel Butler’s family and were advised that Gamaliel and the Butler family used these at Shene.  Fragments found in the soil during our earth moving phase supports this claim.  Also the dates support this view.  Gamaliel had control of Shene (formerly known as Bagdad Farm) from 1822 until his death in February 1852. Refer to the links for full information on this plate. Regards David Kernke.