September was wet, windy, cold and wonderfully green . . . although the Boardmans from Ross who spend time cutting the grass on both properties have been on the job, it was good to weed and mulch the garden next door. Kevin had been grazing his sheep on the big yard and mal E with nail box and hammer in hand reaffixed many vertical fence palings. Two ton of wood was delivered and stacked and the general cleaning was the order of the first two days. Apricot blossom and the final two fruit trees were pruned. Roses all powering along also. Saw most of the Tunbridge locals who were all in good spirits and a dinner catch up with Kim & Joy was a highlight. Trip to see David and Ann’s progress at Shene and then on to Warwick’s shop to see his new painted interior. So very surprised to see the Fornasetti architectural panel there and promptly sent two friends a text and iPhone photo with a suggestion to purchase. Trip to see Peter Lane and his 18thC Dutch wall sconce and on to Richmond on a Saturday to see the Walker’s new shop. Glen and Todd close on Saturday so missed them. General work on floorboards and skirting when Leo Schofield dropped in to check out the house progress on his way south from visiting Roz Palmer’s new shop in Longford. Another trip south to see the new hang at MONA with Warwick and the ‘theatre of the world’ was so super especially with Warwick’s running commentary on the pieces from TMAG, their history and provenance. Work on the beds and ordering mattresses on our final trip to Lonnie to catch up with friends at the Saturday market with Ray & Pat, Steve and Marg, Aran & Kezya’s first home purchase, meet Miles Davis-Kielar and missed my clock pal at Clockwise, Graham Mulligan. Paul & Babe in Campbell Town for a cuppa on the return trip with glass from Longford for a frame restoration – another antique piece of Tasmanian needlework safe under glass again. Ate fresh silver beet and carrots from our neighbour, Peter Smith who watches over our place. A few trips to Oatlands for supplies and pressed the cheek of Monica & Kevin with the ‘winton cottage’, Cameron family overseas. A quick drop-in to Handmark Gallery (Diane and Bill), our wonderful retailers who cover the island so well for us. Last coffee at Retro, a quick wink at Mike Evans and Warwick doing AGHS business and then our  direct flight Hobart–Brisbane with ronE on Virgin and back to the downhill run to Christmas. (what a blessed life)!