Its not like we have a foot in both Brisbane and Tunbridge – more like we are in love with two places, poles apart. We both wish we could be in two places at once . . . reality sucks! Thanks for the thoughts and pics Peter, we are doing dinner at home next Tuesday with Tunbridge visitors – Joy & Kim.

A special mention of our Tunbridge postman, Charlie Grigg who recently passed away in his sleep. He drove both these roads delivering parcels, papers and post every working day of his later life. Our local Tunbridge Community club and the Golf Club at Oatlands will be down on takings of late and sorely missing a great bloke. Charlie took both of us on his run, early on – we learn’t the names of all the hills, roads and where the football clubs were after the war when the community was full of small acreage farms, families and animals enough to sustain a livelihood.