Three hearts skipped a beat when we delivered this piece early on Saturday morning just as Tricia was about to fly off to Perth and on to Karatha, Western Australia to see her son. It was Laurie who first bought her a divine, large Tanzanite (from the mine) that we set in her lost Emerald and Tanzanite ring – here. Laurie played a big part in the design of the original ring so with this replacement he was also involved and held great expectations. Tricia found and secured a Trillion cut Tanzanite that we sent to Sydney to have recut to optimum brilliance. The stone, originally cut for maximum weight, had a ‘window’ a term that describes a view through the gem, our skilled cutter can re-align the back facets to correct this fault, to great effect. The tilted three reflectors were intended to be opal but ended up as curved Pearl Shell pieces cut and mounted in 18ct Palladium White Gold. The entire ring is a wire construction that Barbara and Juan-Luis have well and truly perfected by now.

Here’s a transcript of the phone message left on the studio phone on the Sunday: “Tricia called with feedback from her son Laurie, he bought the original tanzanite directly from the mine in Tanzania –  just to tell you Laurie was stoked when he saw the ring, he nearly drove off the road! He said we’ve really hit new ground on this one. Such innovation. He’s so thrilled with it. Great success. Congratulations!” – Patricia Crowley.

Here are a few shots I took with it on the hand -1 -2 -3