The previous ring concept post mentioned her ceramic, painted dog button. Linda had thought about asking Barbara if she could have her own dog ring for as long as we have known her. Linda was the commercial manager of the Gallery Store for 12 years so has overseen our retail operation at the Queensland Art Gallery for all that time. She has really great © Bh pieces already but these two recent commissions have evolved since she left that employ for her own family’s business where she has more time for studio visits.

Barbara has worn her signature fox ring since 1991. Her first 1987 version was made  in Gold and Shakudo and later she crafted the chunky pavé solid gold version with Diamonds recycled from her first Hardy Bros range. The day Linda broached the subject, Barb already knew all the elements she would further refine in this new version. The ceramic domed button required a protective watch glass and a fully sealed case made, the full bombé hollowed rim and even wider shank was finished in the same pavé chunked 18ct Yellow Gold style.