We have had lots to do with Joan over the years, we both have a great mention in her most recent 2009 publication . . . as does Rhyl Hinwood and others. The group doesn’t have a formal name but uses “the first wednesday of the month” where they visit or meet with someone interesting. We so much enjoyed the spirited and enthusiastic visitor’s questions and comments about our work and workspace. In selecting a shot to accompany this post I dug deep into the second level of the glass cake cabinet holding all manner of booty to shoot a selection of the crystal collection. Thanks to every visitor on the day: Joan Burton-Jones, Elizabeth Teeland, Rhyl Hinwood, Lyn Baxter, Hilary Galbraith, Jackie Bell, Liisa Von Hellens, Pam Chick, Judie Bellingham, Janet Thornton, and Ann Tanner who have all left contact details to join the Jeweller to the Lost database.