There are many clocks to view and purchase here . . . in Tasmania. My first clock mentor lives in Campbell Town and he loaned us a vehicle for the stay, thanks Paul (and Babe) . . . I dropped into Oatlands to see Cameron’s newly completed barn building and  was stopped short to see an early 18th C Dutch stoelklok in original condition and a lovely waisted Danish long case both priced to walk out the door. Kevin & Monica at Button Bros in Oatlands have at least 5 long case and maybe another dozen working wall and mantle clocks at most reasonably ticketed prices. The architectural historian’s Battery Point shop has a wonderful early London made, month going bracket clock by Dunlop, Rick up on Macquarie Street as a hooded 18th C English wall clock in a sycamore case. Robert & Michael at Longford antiques still have the personal stock belonging to an expert clock repairer, ex-Melbourne who has returned to his native state, Tasmania. We missed the folks at Richmond, New Norfork and didn’t end up at Evandale or Lonnie this trip unfortunately.

The two clocks pictured are at Tunbridge in the pantry, a lovely fusee wall clock retailed in Hobart last century and an usually plain German oval wall clock with a small and early square movement, #79 with reverse painted dial. This is a stripped-down case with absolutely no ornament, this calvanist style suits the early congregational mood that would have been seen in early Tunbridge, Tasmania.