Bebe Senior in the 1970s and Bruce McLeod in the 1990s were the two dealers where these Chinese Monochromes were mostly sourced. Items from the scholar’s table have always been a focus of mine while earlier best examples – ‘sang de boeuf’ ox blood glazes of the Kangxi period (1662–1722) are rarely found locally these days. The ‘flambé’ vase with elephant shoulder medallions is a perfect example of late Guangxu reign (1875–1908) and was found in Shirley McLeod’s stock at Ian Thompson’s New Farm Antiques Centre. In fact the piece even had an old sticker with Bebe Senior’s un-mistakable handwriting, a real find and a Christmas present to myself. This chop-up photograph is rough and makes the Victorian Chippendale cabinet from Michael Allen look a bit bulbous but you get the drift, I hope.