Leigh Phillips is a long-term client who has purchased Barbara’s pieces for his wife Cynthia and for himself. The annual studio sale brings them to Brisbane and sales are made and commissions are started. Leigh wanted a chain and a bale made to wear his New Zealand carved Jade piece, shown above. This is a great design, not only circular in shape but with an exquisite wave motif mirrored to contain and hold the power. Barbara made a handforged silver bale and did the reticulated surface to match another pendant and necklace Leigh bought from our Studio stock, shown below.

Again, Leigh scooped the stock sitting here about to be consigned to our web-based retailer. The Silver pendant is all hand forged and reticulated with a large oval polished piece of Variscite from the Candalaria Mine in Nevada, supplied by Richard & Helen Schull from ‘out of our mines‘.