The parcel with two large coloured gems arrived in the post with a note asking what they were and what could Barbara do with them. First thing we did was ask our gem valuer for his opinion, which was offered without a certificate or a fee. Yes they are both genuine, the large Golden Citrine with the Emerald Cut was 21.93ct and the Swiss Blue Topaz weighing in at 32.76ct.

Barbara started with an idea that both required a tall box setting to protect the stones and worked up a raised Chenier style with a new feature she has called Box Setting with Strap Claw. Reminiscent of that Tasmanian wooden cladding called ‘hit and miss’ that we so cherish. The two designs (below) were drawn and quoted and emailed off to Melbourne and an ensuing quick response which said “please proceed & when can we expect them?” Three weeks turn-a-round was our response and here they are all into the world and ready to be worn, thanks to MAH.