Warwick Oakman is a practicing architectural historian & high class antiques dealer in Hobart, Tasmania. We are leaving his own words sent to us in an email this morning, as the copy for this post. As you can see “he really gets it” . . .

Dear Mal and Barb,
I am still not quite sure what I have done to deserve knowing you guys. I have just got my white gold and ruby house cufflinks from Handmark. I keep wearing them. Everything about them is ultra considered  – but not fussy or too slick. Extra meat and depth of metal. Proportions work. They speak of the human you wish to be. I am doing extra sit-ups each day to look extra smooth. I can sorta see why people flip camps from going from antique to new when you come across something with this level of intent and resolution. I  have been sitting them up in the box in front of the dinner plate and cant stop staring at them. Bizarre behaviour! – Thankyou.



Shown above are the solid yellow gold pair, Warwick has the solid white gold ones © Bh 2010.

The link to Barbara Heath’s work at both Hobart & Evandale – Handmark Gallery is – here.