Dr Gael Phillips (pathologist, historian, artist, collector), mal E and Barbara Heath (curators it says in the catalogue) in front of one of the display devices designed by the Artisan team.

Tony Clarke who teaches manual arts and runs the CAD team at St Joseph’s Nudgee College, shown here with Barbara after he told us what every group of the Gillespie templates would make just from viewing their flat form. The lively crowd enjoyed the well-informed opening remarks by the local Councillor Bob Millar, the Council’s network coordinator, Joan Kelly and Barbara’s short talk. The touring catalogue is a hard bound 34 page offset coloured piece of romance and was provided by a grant from the Gordon Darling Foundation and the entire touring exhibition was funded through Arts Queensland (State Government) and the Australia Council, the Commonwealth Government’s arts funding and advisory body. Touring dates have been supplied in a previous post – click here.

Exhibition Assistants: Zoe Wolfe & Miriam Carter. Publication & Tour Manager: Simone Jones. Catalogue Design: VoltDesign. Contributing Writers: Barbara Heath & Miriam Carter. Photography: Rod Bucholtz. Copy Editor: Evie Franzidis. Foreword: Liana Heath, CEO of Artisan. Exhibition Curators: Barbara Heath & Malcolm Enright. All the owners and lenders are acknowledged. ISBN:978-0-9871226-1-2