The ancient dualism between the two types of aesthetic experience are evident in the recent placement of two bronzes in the QAG ‘sculpture garden’ – namely the Apollonian and the Dionysian; a dualism between a world of the mind, of order, of regularity and polishedness and the world of intoxication, chaos, sex and ecstasy.
The small bronze figure of Apollo by the Frenchman; Charles Despian (1874–1946) has been moved from the west entrance and is positioned outside in stark contrast to the figure of the Bather#1 by the Italian; Emilio Greco (1913–1995).
The lawn has also been planted in a linear manner which is exciting as it sets up a real almost heightened experience of opposing elements, akin to another of my favorite Dutch expressionist paintings by Willem Hofhuizem; his Bather. More on his large ladies (and Apollo) – here.