Last weekends, first full day Gem Stock sale went off really well with a small but dedicated group of studio visitors (two other jewellers amongst the group) and one internet purchase all the way from Perth, Western Australia. The ‘Lady from Texas’ requested and was sent a twelve page .pdf of the gem trays and we were delighted with her comments, unusual choices and the fact that we have another big earring commission to start. Another new studio die-hard bought Opals for her Mum, resulting in another earring commission – a huge included quartz for a door-knocker ring and a sweet trio of Pink Sapphires to be made into a fancy white & pink dress ring. Three other major gem fanciers were on hand to make sure I had remembered all my gemology . . . plus x2 pickups from the previous weekend sale at GOMA.

So now we have started another annual event, three suppliers sent consignments of diamonds, coloured high-end gemstones and opal to augment our 12 trays worth – these all return this Thursday so any one interested in gem only viewing, be quick. Footnote: the three parcels of Diamonds leave tonight!