The cab collected the three of us at 6:45am – off to the airport. We just entered airline security and our own security firm called saying that the studio alarm was sounded. They called Juan and we called our neighbor, Bill who didn’t hear the alarm. Bill went around the house and yard and reported nothing out of the ordinary then Juan arrived – opened up and the smashed lock, plate glass window was taken off the runner and placed outside. As the white blinds were drawn it was only for the curtain whoosh when Juan opened the door that he noticed . . . the break-in. The alarm,  back-to-base response, our neighbours, the police and our own security awareness all saved the day.  The alarm sounded 7:28am – they spent quite some time trying to gain an access point in the back of the studio earlier but failed. Maybe 20 minutes after the cab collected us – makes you think?

The wide panorama shot is here. On the Midland Highway just south of Oatlands, September 2011. The corporate link is here.