The first © Barbara Heath Necklace design came out of a ‘what-if’ using Sabine Schleicher’s four strands of semi-baroque Pearls.

Actually, we arranged a valuation of the four strands just to see if they were worth spending the time & money on to enhance them in a major way – Ralph Pownall our valuer provided the certificate detailing them and we were on our way . . . next a rather detailed ‘Lace Pebble’ design hand-made safety clasp.

The gestation period led to a further raid on the gem collection, adding antique carved pearlshell, butterscotch amber beads, clear strawberry amber with inclusions and faceted Mexican fire opal beads. 18ct Yellow Gold Lace Ball and Holbein Knot Infinity Symbol strung with Barbara’s own Bar & Ring Clasp and Sabine’s Gold Akoya Pearls – here is a detail of this enjoyable colour play.

And the final deep etched scan with a digital shadow – click here for the larger .pdf