I remember that Barbara devised (her own) first one using a cache of old cut costume jet we scored from Barry Smith when he cleaned out his stock and sold his gem business. The large black double strand drew a lot of comment so we searched for similar materials to make up another four. Finally we sourced different shapes from our friends in Hong Kong but this time in matted onyx shapes. I also remember the third person through the doors early Saturday morning at the 2010 studio sale; Bryce Lawrence snapped up the first one and another one went on the Sunday. One was consigned to Handmark in Hobart and that one sold recently and this one was about to go to Izabella at the Gallery Store QAG/GoMA until along came a studio visitor on special birthday (wish list) mission.

Barbara also sent me her comment to add to this post: “Often some of the best designs come from simply using components that are to hand. Ray Norman described my Signature Bracelets as having that ‘cobbled together’ style. I love the element of serendipitous contrast in form and texture, with some eclectic detail but never too much going on! These Signature Bib Gem necklets are large enough to dress things up but still lightweight enough to wear all day! The first one I made for myself with a surprise find of antique Jet beads from Barry Smith’s cache.” Barbara Heath – Jeweller to the Lost.