Four different scans of two gem options – gem stones in the collection: A superb ‘Asscher cut” Sapphire and a pair of Tear Drop cut Tanzanites. In real life the Sapphire is actually more paler while the subtlety of the bi-colour Tanzanites are not as evident in the pics.

The stones were laid on the scanner and scanned at 600 dpi, there’s something like 16 bands of light swept over the goods during the image preparation. Photoshop adjustments of brightness/contrast, a replace colour to set the ground to pure white. Next selective colour adjustments and a save as – to a smaller .jpg file at 300 dpi and 500 pixels wide. Uploaded to the server for easy access and downloading by the client . . . but for me the reproduction is only just acceptable, then on the client side we have issues of screen gamma and settings at their end. Still, sending bits is a lot more effective that sending atoms via couriers or Australia Post – and so much cheaper!