I guess this could be ‘tinsmith – 2’, the second makes in copper and tin sheet with some tinning + mirrors © Bh 2011. Readers who have followed our work for ages will know about these ‘spirit guards’ as we have made them as site specific commissions for architects and their clients. Mounted at an entrance or specific vantage point – you know, the bad spirit is floating along and decides to enter your house through the front door, then they see their own image and are immediately scared away, instantly leaving the premises, say no more!

H 125mm x W 180mm x D 75mm

H 155mm x W 155mm x D 120mm

H 80mm x W 140mm x D 75mm

H 115mm x W 115mm x D 45mm

H 80mm x W 80mm x D 70mm

H 95mm x W 50mm x D 40mm – all images to same scale.