Roz MacAllan returned this brooch yesterday, we have the other nine away – we have always wondered why there were five crosses and only four circles? as Barbara would have made five each? Juan says he wasn’t around when Barb knocked these out. $65.00 each at the time . . . (Roz remarked about why the circles weren’t perfect circles and Barb said – “they’re just $65.00 circles Rozzie”!)

Hand cut Balsa wood bases with poster pigments & brass brooch back. Collaged newspaper cuttings, texts from books and actual 35mm proof sheets of Barbara’s photography at the time with 24ct gold leaf features. Noughts & Crosses Brooches at the Roz MacAllan Gallery 1987 © Bh They remain in our collection until someone wants them more . . . I grabbed all nine at the opening of the show and there is also a Peter Kent photograph of Barbara wearing the nine brooches that I’ll scan and upload  – here.

Here are the other nine: (which is your favorite one?).

Barb said to me that Roz should have the one she returned, she should.

My other blog Ephemeral-male has been featuring circles and x’s for some time now, I have cross-posted to it here for those interested in following the threads . . .