Easter break, sitting around after four days of work sanding and resurfacing the studio floor and all the accompanying issues that surface – re-jig this, move that, maybe change this? We could honestly spend another week moving the polisher and the sandblast booth, repacking the boxes of materials that once were seen as essentials, seldom used now but precious never the less.

Discussion always turns to the next exhibition – plant theme for AGHS works to be made by July 2011 in time for a National Conference in Maryborough, Queensland. ” . . . what about starting with a step and repeat vector pattern using the hexagon © Bh pattern. Could we then wrap it and extrude all the points to seem like it is pulled and constrained in a reducing diameter?” . . . I kid you not as we talked this through with a beer and I’m sitting upstairs with maybe 20 Tumblr archives I follow, open – I see this post:

An almost identically fabricated idea, done already with a completely different product outcome! We are never surprised but remain blown-away by this incident, so come Tuesday I’ll be sorting out this rendering with Bretty to take the idea further into Brooch land for Barbara.