Another two for the urban_archaeology collection. Actually, I had seen this small one previously in the home of Antique dealer; Hayden Pearce (now of Willow Court Antiques, New Norfork). It was in his large fortified house at Lake Tiberius when we both visited a few years ago now for an Australia Day BBQ. When I spied it again in the lockable cabinet I snapped it up and in ‘great dealer style’ Hayden said that he had a couple more better ones – well I came back with one larger leather frame also (which is a repair job unfortunatetly). But most of the early tooled pieces were there with it in the bag, so to speak.

I will be cleaning and repairing this one first, my picture framer does a new white back, no mount and uses old ripple glass to complete the picture. Barbara and I have our bedroom walls covered in colonial hand made frames, no we haven’t started on the ceiling as yet. A downloadable pic of the wall from InsideOut Mag . . .

I’ll add a detail shot so you can see the intricate work

The second frame photo and detail.

UPDATE: 30-6-2011 – the frame cleaned up and oiled ready for the frame: