Mandarin Garnet flower cuts (from the old Tucson days) + 18ct Yellow Gold  handmade hinged Sleepers.

I can rattle off numerous clients who swear by these robust little sleepers. One power person we know wears her pair every day, shower – gym – work – occasions – sleep. They are taken off and enhanced with similar gems to the ones shown above. Mothers and daughters sharing three sets, all with a different finish. The above items were not together at the recent 2010 Xmas Sale but did end up in the one present under the tree at Christmas time. We usually make a few at a time and they usually end up consigned to different retailers, Australia wide.

They come at a price as they are all handmade, in 18ct Yellow or  White Gold. We have made 925 Silver versions also. We collected other imported versions from Italy, China and South East Asia, at the time we developed this line. We have kept these in the studio for clients to make a weight and finish comparison – although people just take our word for it now.