If you are viewing on Monday morning you have 5 days to go . . . next, here is the detail below from the mailout for your fridge door, your new diary entry or the mental note we hope you make:

Here is a reduced version of the print out we will mail to our 2008, 2009 & 2010 customers tomorrow:

Having suffered a database glitch, we have started to rebuild our customer list from scratch. So many people have relocated over the years. I continue to manage our faithful email list, so we are relying on you all to: 1) pass on the word about the coming sale, and: 2) send us your details if you have moved goods and chattels, changed your job (or changed a mobile)?

Finally, here is the small downloadable .pdf of the 2010 Client Commission List. We will be most happy to mail one to you if you make contact and update your personal details. We always close with a thank-you to those brave souls who dare to commission, we are here to serve and support your dreams and desires.