With metal prices as volatile as they are today, it is comforting that clients still weigh up all the issues – then go for broke! There is an occasion, the ring has special significance, the coloured Diamonds and the Broome Pearl have been purchased on their travels. When Juan drills into the pearl to fit the setting peg we get a chance to gauge the depth of the nacre, and this one is surprisingly deep! The lustre on a great pearl equates to this depth . . . + white Diamonds 2=0.06, pink Diamonds 2=0.06ct, champagne pink Diamonds 2=0.04ct. Collection today at 10:00 am and again I sit behind the wall on the computer, waiting for the reveal – the wows, the squeals of delight! the thank-you, the goodbye and the “we’ll be back” promise that I hear all the time.

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