We didn’t make Eloise and Seamus’ wedding ring, it was designed and made by an Irish jeweller while they were overseas. All that we had to go on (after the robbery) was a picture, we assisted Muss by suggesting a genuine valuer, who in turn assisted the family with their insurance claim. Then it came to Barbara and Eloise to wrestle down a replacement. But hey, we can never replace what is lost – Barbara knows where to start emotionally, Eloise also (with all her design experience and her maturity) added valuable insights. In Barbara’s words “A wedding ring is not your marriage, its just a symbol of it” so we don’t have to redo the old one. “here’s an opportunity to re-visualise the symbol”, she adds. “celebrate the evolution of  your marriage – and carry new joy”.

The design is finalised and the make is under way and I’ll post the final piece once it is securely on Eloise’s finger (by mid September 2010). What also seems to happen when these commissions are in train, (top-of-mind in my old marketing speak) the commissioners become our best ambassadors – another lovely commission followed for her sister’s 40th via her brother in law.

UPDATE: The ring was collected today – happy HAPPY!