Heritage house portraits by contemporary Queensland artists: We were commissioned to design and create our response to an Ipswich House in 2008, the working developments have been posted previously on the viewersite blog, here, here and also The Chestnuts: here. It was such a delight to accompany Linda Cooper (one half of our house owners), her two daughters Germaine and Justine and a family member Mark, here from the UK. Allen Cooper was in Tasmania at their other house, working away.

The four catalogue pages devoted to our work; ‘two x four x eight’ are dropped in above and can be downloaded here. We have received very good feedback, are delighted with the outcome and invite everybody to make the journey up to the show (you have a window before November 14 2010). Other artist friends in the show have also reported a genuine interest in the project’s strategy, development and exhibition outcome. We saw Michael Zavros later in the evening but didn’t manage to chat, we did chinwag with Maureen Hansen, Carl Warner, Richard Stringer and Christina Waterson (and partners and assorted kinder). We were sorry we didn’t manage to meet the other artists – it was definately an excuse to do a dinner and musical chairs! Finally, the large, perfect bound catalogue is by our designer mates at ‘designfront’ (Leesa Hickey, Tony Gooley and Angelina Martinez) and well worth the asking price of $40. Michael Beckman and his curatorial staff; Dawn Ross, Jade Williamson + Kate Stewart, Sharon Marsh, Jacina Leong, Ingrid Hedgcock, Tasha Finn, Caitlin Pijpers, Ngaio Parr and Pauline Garner all wrote eloquent and precise essays that fleshed out the house histories and present owner’s attachments.

ARTIST TALK (update): Sunday, 31 October 2010 2:00pm for 2:30pm at the Ipswich Art Gallery. Refreshments are served so RSVP is requested <info@ipswichartgallery.qld.gov.au> Bh and mal E will join Christina Waterson & Richard Stringer in front of our own installations to discuss our works. We would love to see you all there?