This opalised plesiosaur vertebra is owned by fellow artist, collector, geneologist, pathology specialist and Barbara Heath commissioner; Dr Gael Phillips. I scanned it last weekend before it became the active ingredient of a new commission brief. Last night I attended the opening of the ‘Gabba 5 Ways Antiques Emporium’ where a few friends have stalls. Amongst Jorn Harbeck’s Rare Book offerings is a fab 1908 first edition of ‘The story of the Noble Opal’ by Sydney B. J. Skertchly, Brisbane: Flavelle, Roberts & Sankey. Priced at A$1,650.00 this is a nice clean copy with a newspaper photograph of Skertchly and the Queensland Governor taped to the back of the title. Both very rare specimens and well worth the asking price <>. I must also mention Adrian Gray and his eclectic Shop 56 stock, taking up easily the largest area and showing his usual (I should also say unusual) quality local colonial and oriental mix of collectable and affordable furniture and objects <>.

UPDATE: 25 August 2010 – Barbara’s design .pdf downloadable here

2nd UPDATE: 30 April 2011 – The finished piece posted to this blog.